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Answer key of NATA Exam2 is available now.   3rd NATA Exam date is 9th July 2023.   Registration is available for 3rd NATA Exams.  

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    NATA Examinations:
    iii. Third Test 09.07.2023
    (Registration from 25 May - 24 Jun 2023)

    Helpline No 1 : +91-7406692922
    Helpline No 2: +91-7406692921

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    National Aptitude Test in Architecture

    Important Links NATA is an aptitude test that assesses a candidate’s innate ability through a variety of testing formats and cannot be taught, learnt or induced. NATA measures the aptitude of the applicant for specific field of study i.e. Architecture, through assessment of cognitive skills, visual perception and aesthetic sensitivity tests, logical reasoning and critical thinking ability, etc., besides the learning that the candidate has acquired over the past few years and is related to the specific field of study.